IASLC 2022 World Conference on Lung Cancer

Psychosocial burdens in cancer caregivership, an updated overview                                                                                 

C.L. Dégi | Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

Dégi, C. (2022, 2022/08/08/). P2.04-02 Psychosocial Burdens in Cancer Caregivership, an Updated Overview. Journal of Thoracic Oncology, Vol. 17, No. 95 (9, Supplement), S132. Impact Factor: 20.121 | https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jtho.2022.07.221


Introduction: Carers of cancer patients have a larger hardship than caregivers of older persons and a burden equivalent to caregivers of dementia patients. While carers’ health has been demonstrated to worsen as a result of their caregiving for cancer patients, the psychological determinants of long-term health deterioration are less well understood.

Methods: The physical and sleep burdens, psychosocial and spiritual burdens, long-term and quality-of- life-related burdens, financial burden, bereavement burden, and caregiver guilt will all be discussed in our presentation, based on the most recent available data.

Results: Because depression is a long-term problem for this population, all of these findings suggest that cancer caregiver programs should include information on how to manage caregiver-related distress in the early survivorship phase, as well as how to best identify and recruit effective social programs to improve caregivers’ personal and social resources in early survivorship. Furthermore, the diverse aspects of cancer care as well as the psychological elements of persons participating in cancer care at various phases of survivorship are crucial to increasing care effectiveness and optimizing the quality of life of
survivors and caregivers.

Conclusions: Because informal caregivers play such an important role in cancer care, cancer policy is increasingly focusing on and recognizing the importance of providing effective and appropriate support to informal caregivers in managing the impact of their caregiving responsibilities on their regular jobs or other caregiving responsibilities.


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